I would love to introduce our new online home:  www.funkdesignstudio.com

Funk Design Studio

I wanted it to be lighter, brighter, all about easily scrolling through beautiful images & fun.  Also, a little more techy than our old one; Now existing clients can schedule meetings online!

How’d we do it?  I have a rock star Web Designer.  Nicole at Curio Electro opened up my brain and grabbed what she needed to make this happen.  She’s magic & a damn good artist.  She drew our map (our office is impossibly hard to find, a hidden gem) & the “busy Sandra” avatar – where she noted that she gave me a good butt.  Why thank you.  I also have to thank my team, Sami & Amanda, for all of your help on the content (oh, the content!), gathering the portfolio pics & edits, edits, edits.  Great work – thank you!  To the amazing photographers, thank you for your vision, skill & the use of your pretty pictures.  Last but never least, thank you to my clients!!!  Without your daily leaps of faith, there would be no stunning outcomes, only safe beige rooms.  Thank you for that, for your kind words & for sharing your little design secret (me) with your friends!  It definitely takes a village.

Enjoy the tour!


** I’d love to hear from you.  Please leave a comment below with the name of your favorite project.