from miss Sarah:
“I need suggestions on deck and patio furniture stain colors. It’s currently red but thinking about switching it up. My house is white, neighbors house is now beige. Thoughts? :)”

how about the deck in: Semi Solid Stain, Captiva


 and the furniture in: Semi Solid Stain, Spanish Moss

Spanish Moss

or the reverse, deck darker, furniture lighter…  tons of options, check them out!

use this site to find the right product:  Cabot stain is recommended by my amazing painter, so I know it will be a great choice.


intro quote from this beautiful piece:

AUTHOR: Robert Southey (1774–1843)
QUOTATION:     How beautiful is night!
A dewy freshness fills the silent air;
No mist obscures; nor cloud, nor speck, nor stain,
Breaks the serene of heaven:
In full-orbed glory, yonder moon divine
Rolls through the dark blue depths;
Beneath her steady ray
The desert circle spreads
Like the round ocean, girdled with the sky.
How beautiful is night!
ATTRIBUTION: Thalaba. Book i. Stanza 1.