what makes my rooms different:  i always start with function, but in the end, i’m creating a mood.  intimate, private, retreat… all kinds of elements add to the soul of a space:  the look, the smell, the sounds, the textures.

slow, sultry jazz, elegant classical, or blaring “baby I was born this way” gaga all create a feeling.  similarly, smell is known to evoke emotion, so use those scented candles wisely.  oh, candlelight! nothing makes us more beautiful than twinkling light.  and all other lights on dimmers, so you can always set the mood in an instant.

women should be the queen of their castle {not the queen mum}. desirable, confident, effortlessly sexy.  most men are quite happy when the woman in their life feels sexy, and our environments can help create the space for that.

~ S