that was the slogan of the weekend in Napa – on a t-shirt at the Kuleto Estate winery

but i’m getting ahead of myself.  let’s start at the resort

it was incredible.  felt like summer camp for adults, complete with Mercedes to borrow should you need to zip off to dinner

each room was actually an individual bungalow, with an outdoor living room w/fireplace, indoor living room {with the other side of the same fireplace}, a kitchenette, powder room and separate master suite with a great big soaking tub and a private outdoor shower

the two pics below are from ~ so amazing

the whole place smelled like a great big bon fire, so the outdoor shower in the crisp air, sunshine and smell….  wonderful, makes me wonder why i live in the northeast

loved lighting a fire and sitting outside at the end of a day of wine tasting…

the eco chic resort grows its own grapes, and has an adorable little family of sheep to mow the grass ~ can you see them way in the back?

back to the wine…  Kuleto was my favorite winery this trip ~ what a place

once past the gated entrance, it is a 10 minute ride of hairpin turns straight up the side of the mountain.

the views were unbeatable, worth the trip

the buildings were built within the last 10 years, but Pat Kuleto used local resources mixed with tons of vintage materials to create this old world look


vibrant colors and a view of the lake

more on the rest of Napa next time