in this case, i’d like to select the bedding before we pick a paint color for the walls and ceiling.

warm and rustic is our inspiration above, the room currently below.

i want to add warm tones and texture.  it would add tons of interest and rustic charm to use this hand blocked fabric as a throw.  i like how the overall vibe is warm, yet it brings in some other great accent colors to play with.

the rippled cotton coverlet in the middle below would be beautiful as the base of the bed.

another great textured coverlet option below.

love the wrinkle resistant duvet cover and shams below.  white will keep things bright against the chocolate leather bed.

or, if a white duvet cover doesn’t do it for you, how about putting the warm tones on the duvet cover here?

or this one

well, Julie, what are you leaning towards?

{of course, we will need to get the options into the room to make sure that they work with the current carpet and bed}

next up:  paint!