“let’s start at the very beginning
a very good place to start”
always, always, we begin with the floor plan
Julie and Joe have a large master bedroom ~ quite a nice luxury to have room to work or put on make-up, a sofa for the little ones’ bedtime routine, and a large armoire with a tv tucked inside.
the first change that i am suggesting is to flip the door to the room so that it opens into the hall instead of into the room.  this frees up that entire corner without costing more than an hour or two of your handyman’s time.  
next, i would replace the mirror closet doors with wood doors.  it’s an updated look, as well as allows you to see all of your options at one time.  you can add full length mirrors to the back of both doors so you don’t loose that functionality.
it is always nice to walk into the foot of the bed when entering a bedroom.  so i’ve pushed the bed down the wall a bit, just past the jog in the wall.  this allows for the higher ceiling portion of the room {on the left} to act as a sitting room with the sofa, tv and desk space.
the desk is serving triple duty in the new layout.  
Joe needs the space to work, Julie can utilize this area as a vanity, and it also acts as a bedside table.
the key to this multi-tasking will be dividing up the storage and clearing the desk top so it is ready for anything.  the drawer interiors should hold baskets or trays that can be pulled out when needed, and quickly tucked away when done.
this will give the room a completely different feel, while using what they had.  i love that.