updates from Sarah on executing the design:
  • painting is going a little slow but we’re getting there.  Living room is almost done.  Next is dining room, then hall and kitchen.  
  • i got pillows….I’ll send pictures of them on the couch.  they look great!
  • I got the wall sconces but they aren’t up yet.
  • For the dining room console, I like the mirrored one you found but I’m thinking I might  need something a little more functional for storage.  Any ideas?  I have virtually no cabinet space in my kitchen and now that I’m cooking more, I have all these little gadgets and nowhere to put them all!!
ok, so we need an elevation of the sofa wall to show where the lights should be mounted, as well as some additional ideas on dining room console with storage.  makes sense.

and, Sarah found some beautiful giclee prints, i like the one below, as long as it is not wider than the tv or shelf above the tv.  this would look amazing on the new soft wall color, and not fight with the Baba art.  nice find!

{found here}

although, i have to say, i am feeling works of art from etsy lately.  
why not support an artist and end up with an original?  
like these or these or these or these or so many more to choose from…