Sarah has a collection of beautiful handmade doilies from Baba
{the most amazing grandmother i’ve ever borrowed}.
now, they are dispersed throughout the bungalow ~
but i’d love to see them displayed as artwork inspired by this:

i think you could use these floating frames and sandwich the doilies between the glass, found here.
if these frames don’t come in the right sizes, take your doilies right over to Michaels and have them frame  the rest {but make sure you have a 60% off custom framing coupon before you go}.

here’s where they are now:  one doily under the plant below.
one doily under the lamp below, more in the dining room, etc.

a collection is always stronger when it is displayed together.
once all of the doilies are framed, we’ll need to hang them in a group in the living room.
i’d like to see the window cleared of accessories, and the little candle sconces taken down
{we can find new spots for these things}.
hopefully Sarah can get the framing done before i’m in town in october,
so we can hang art together {nudge, nudge}.