I recently got on board with all things Mac, but can I be honest?  
I still head to my office to use my gigantic, archaic, PC.  
I love spreadsheets and Auto Cad and even Studio Designer.
Never someone to fear change, I am trying.  Going to my one-to-one Mac class, reading up, etc.   Found an interesting article on how to use your iPad for real design work.  This is promising.  Anyone out there have any other Interior Design recommendations for a MacBook or iPad?
How to Use Your iPad for Real Design Work
A favorite of mine so far is my Flipboard for iPad.  Genius way to stay up on just about anything that interests you.  Love, but I find myself still flipping at 1am.  Ahhhh!  Must sleep.
Hope your weekend was as luxurious as this terrace:
Image via House Beautiful September ’05