Sometimes the message is so clear you have to laugh.

I was driving home tonight. It was dark. At the last moment I saw pedestrians waiting to cross at a crosswalk, so wanting to honor their right of way, I stopped short to let them go.
As I approached the intersection, with about the same amount of warning, I saw a woman with a stroller waiting to cross, but this time I wanted to catch the light, so I didn’t stop to let her go. I made the light, only to have the train barracade in front of me go down. So of course I’m thinking, “yeah, I deserve that.” So, I halt early to let a car get by, and the train barracade stops blinking and dinging, and goes right back up. No train.

I mean really. Really?

Bad decision = roadblock. Good decision = no roadblock.

All played out on a return trip from the grocery store.