I just spent the day in NYC shopping for clients at the D and D, my design mecca.  And, was so excited to check out my cousins new NYC apartment.  She just moved to town from Chicago, and has the necessary tiny first New York apartment.  Welcome Jaime – hope you love NYC as much as I do!

Ok, so above I have pictures for you of a friend’s second New York apartment.  Notice the dishwasher, views that include beautiful water ways and bridges (OK, you can’t see the view in these pictures, but it is there, and it is fantastic) and just general space.  I did a paint plan to warm everything up and give it some definition, and helped find this super comfy round chair.

Here’s how it looked on move in day.
An amazing and spacious layout.
The kitchen view on move in day.  You may recognize the foyer from this earlier post.
Above is the paint plan that I put together.  I lean towards colors that hint at a hue without leaping off the wall at you.  They tend to be a bit muted or grayed out. They feel soothing and calm to me.  This worked for my client as well, who was looking to create her oasis in the city.
Above, the bedroom before.
And after.  Look at all that natural light streaming in!  Great apartment.