When something is just not quite, perhaps the room is lacking a strong focal point.

Two of the most obvious focal points are a great view or the fireplace.  A TV can be worked into a viewable area of the room, but should not be considered the focal point (unless we are in a theatre room).  Below is a line drawing of the fireplace that we started with, above and below.

Next, the line drawing of the re-designed fireplace mantle.  We strengthened the mantle by doing it in the style of the home, Tudor, thus working with the architecture instead of against it.  We also gave it more impact by staining the walnut a rich, deep, warm wood tone, instead of the white painted Victorian mantle that preceded it.  The original mantle was preserved, and will hopefully find a nice Victorian home to live in.  Great mantle, wrong house.

We also downplayed the molding details by painting them out the same as the wall color.  Now it is a detail, not a distraction.
A close-up sketch of the details by the woodworker and great mantle artist, Steve from Mantle Arts Group.  He took my CAD drawings and turned them into the real deal.

I adore how the elements came together on this one. The rich paint colors, amazing drapery panels, existing fireplace stone and new mantle.  The client’s art sets all of this off perfectly.

In a room that has many things happening, see pool table below in plan, for example, this fireplace now grabs you when you walk into the room.  
All my best,