I am all bundled up in my yoga pants, a sweatshirt, a steaming cup of mint medley and my space heater running.  The Pandora Jack Johnson channel is humming along in the background.  And, baby, it’s cold outside.  
So I’m rummaging around in my photo archives for inspiration, and come across Paris 2004.  Ahhh – Paris.  So of course I stop and flip through the pics.  And flip.  And crop.  And zoom.  And red eye reduce.  Next thing I know, I’m planning to blog about a trip that I took with my husband 6 years ago.  
I honestly stopped to consider the relevance.  
Then, I wrapped my husband’s anniversary gift.  Oh, romance is the relevance.
We’ve been inundated by our own life lately.  The dog.  The kids.  The careers.  The soon-to-be-visiting family.  But this trip, back in ’04, was all about romance.  Seeing the world together.  Hanging with great friends in a wondrous city.
Joyeux Anniversaire!