I have an amazing client that purchased a home perfectly suited to her.  Just the right amout of space and the perfect location close to family, friends and work.
Right now, it looks like this:
I’ve been thinking quite a bit about what this home could look like.  I went through all of my architectural books on home styles to look for inspiration.  I traced the outline of the home and tried to look at the structure only, not the details that have been added by one home owner or another over time.  
At the end of the day, I felt the lines and layout could be most suited to a Tudor style home.  Take a look at my inspiration:
Do you see the combination of the side facing and forward facing roof peaks?  The asymmetry?  The lower area is kept simpler, while the details are played up on the higher levels?  Here is a very quick sketch of how this style could be applied to my client’s split level.
I would paint the garage doors to blend in with the homes bricks, remove the colonial shutters and neoclassical door surround and porch column.  Then, we would add the split timbers to give the home rhythm and structure.  All of the trim would pick up on the darker brick color for a cohesive look.
Hopefully, I will have after shots of this soon, as I think this would be a beautiful transformation!