I used to find selecting paint colors a daunting task.  Somehow, a great mentor (thank you Jimmy) and a whole lot of patience have given me the experience to now select with confidence.  Besides, it’s paint.  You can always re-evaluate after the first coat.  Although, you may have to do some serious sweet talking with your painter to switch mid-stream, I find that they are usually open to the change.  70% of the work of painting is in the prep, so that final coat is not dire if changed.  (thank you Freddie).
I’m a lover of Benjamin Moore paints.  Amazing color selection, they’ll match to whatever you’ve got if they don’t have the perfect color, and they are more than happy to “go green” with the rest of us.  
My last post was my newly painted front door – and after I put it out I came across the paint color inspiration photo.  I literally grabbed a flower off of my blooming mums and matched it.  The wood in the background is a shingle from my house to make sure that the color values/tones got along well.  
Love it.