Upon moving in, this kitchen was the big selling point.  Clean lines, stone counters, great layout.  But, 5 or 6 years in, even the star rooms are begging for a change.

An aside on change.  Much to my husband’s chagrin, I LOVE change.  Hair cuts, hair colors, houses, towns, states, jobs, renovations, projects, etc.  I am so lucky to have become a designer.  Otherwise, I would probably be in the middle of packing boxes.  Even with my need to renovate and re-do regularly satiated, I am constantly nagging my husband to move.  One night, I’ll just die if I don’t move back to the city (NYC), the next night, I’m all a-flutter with plans of building our dream home.  What can I say?

But I digress.  Here is the Kitchen with a new paint color, white wood blinds, new valences that coordinate with the adjacent family room.  We also have all the designs worked out for a built in banquet where the table is sitting.  Can’t you just see it?

Here’s where we began, good bones, but metal mini blinds, no trim definition, bland wall color…
Below, we’ve tied the rooms together with color and the window treatments.  That stripe fabric on the windows has all of the colors and accents for the room.  The orange-y tone of the kitchen cabinets, the green of the walls, the yellow of another accent piece in the family rom and a touch of red found in the art.

Below, the windows trim was painted the same color as the walls.  Sometimes that works, but in this case, it wanted for more architectural detail than that.

Below you see how the kitchen flows into the family room beyond.  Now, a warm, cozy and cohesive space.
I’ll have some more on this family room and its transformation soon.