Before, this Tudor dining room had the previous owners light yellow walls, heavy gold rods and draperies. 
 After, we painted the room richer tones to coordinate with the furniture and area rug, and gave the window a new treatment with simple dark hardware and more masculine panels.  Notice the subtle gold detail that ties in the gold tones in the chairs and in the area rug.
Before, the great architectural details were not highlighted with the washed out paint colors.  
After (although a terrible picture on my part), the arch and niche are highlighted with contrasting paint colors, and the deep red of the wainscoting accentuates the red in the rug.
Another after shot shows how all the elements come together to give this room a warmth that invites lingering over a meal.

We also added a simple piece of glass custom fit to the table top so that it can be shown off instead of covered.  In a house with cats, this saves the furniture, while allowing the homeowners the chance to enjoy the table day in and day out.