Next up: The Study
This was just a small room without direction.  With a great floor, some architectural details/built-ins, simple window treatments and a few shapely furniture pieces, we created a little getaway. 
 Can’t you just picture me blogging from this curvy desk?
I may have slipped an “S” for Sandra and a “J” for my husband, Jay, into the mix on this bookcase.  Besides having a little fun with the accessories, a few tips on setting up a bookcase that looks appealing, not overwhelming.  
– First, take all the jackets off of your books.  Seriously.  Show off the book, not the shiny cover to protect your book.  
– Next, group books by height and create a sense of order.  Use larger books stacked horizontally as a place to rest a treasured item.  
– Mix in a photo or picture, a plant or candle or objects.  
After looking at this, I would remove a few items and fill in with more hardcover books….  But, there is always something to change.