Last week, I was quite sure I would never run out of design tid bits to share, but yesterday writers block hit me.  blank screen.

ok, I’m just going to show you some in progress spaces, nothing “done” but still something to rest your eyes upon….  This is a room in my house that has had many incarnations since we moved in.  Started as a guest room, became a nursery and is now transitioning again to a “big girl room.”  Be on the lookout for that update someday.  Someday.

As a guest room above.  And, the built in below as it was when we purchased the home.

As a nursery below:

That beautiful blanket was handmade by my mother – thanks Mom!
And, I redesigned the built in desk to be a changing table.  Thanks Jay, Dad & Uncle Bob!   Some sparkly knobs, and we thought we were ready for baby.  (We were no where near ready.)  Made a great changing table in a small room, though.