I realize that this is a design blog, but I have to take a moment and tell you about the muffin that I just ate.  Perhaps the best baked good that I have ever eaten.  Remember when I was little and all I wanted for my birthday was a Leta Cheesecake?  It’s that level of yummm…
I’m trying to be good.  Trying to loose that last bit of baby weight.  Trying to be a nice wife on my husband’s birthday.  (Happy Birthday!)  So, I head into a local bakery, Le Bakers Dozen in Upper Montclair to get cupcakes to celebrate the b-day.  Here’s proof:
But, I am overcome by the Zucchini/Walnut Muffin starting me down at the checkout counter.  And…  I succumb.  Weak!  But, worth it.  Such is life.  Really, go get yourself one.