Alas, we come to the end of the 100 year-old Victorian staging project.  Good times.  Can you imagine if we all lived with our homes so clutter free and had fresh flowers on every end table.  We’d probably all be in a much better mood.  hmmm….

Breakfast Room BEFORE:

Too much furniture, mis-matched window treatments, faux flowers…  AFTER:

Next up, check out this over-stuffed study.  BEFORE:

and AFTER:

Much better.  The 3rd floor family room / playroom had loads of potential.  BEFORE:

It ends up feeling like a serene hide away.  Who doesn’t need one of those?  Check out those awesome floors.  AFTER:

And, last but not least (and strangely without a before), the Master Bedroom.  We removed anything too personal, made the bed look luxurious and kept everything neat as a pin. 

A couple of do it yourself home staging for sale pointers.
– If you’ve got great wood floors and not so great rugs, roll them up and stick them under the bed.  Buyers love wood floors (and they are not buying your rugs anyway).
– Light, bright and open sells – so have your windows cleaned and open those blinds (or take them down alltogether).
– Stow away the faux and bring in all fresh flowers – wakes up the entire house.
– De-clutter, De-clutter, De-clutter – no one wants to buy a project, and even though it is not their problem, it will bring the house down.
– Put fresh candles in your holders, remember to light the wicks once so they are black.  White wicks are a dead give-away that you don’t actually light the candles.  Don’t forget – you are selling the dream.  The lifestyle.
– Replace old bulbs and/or up light wattage.  Turn them all on, even during the day.  They want to see what they are getting.
– Turn on some great background music to keep the tour feeling great.  I like classical for a very formal high end home, Jazz for all else.  Instrumental is sure not to offend.
– You all know the trick about baking something dee-lish to make the house smell “just like mom used to make” right?
– To set the table or not?  I like to set one, leave one with a floral.  Kitchen or Dining Room?  Whichever room seems too bare gets set.  Have fun, bring out the good stuff – use what you have.

Aside from fresh flowers, this was 3 days of use-what-you-have decorating.  Even if you are not selling, you could do this today.